UniGripper - Grippers for Robots

UniGripper specializes in the development of grippers for robots for various industry handling applications. The Swedish brand offers a wide range of grippers based on vacuum techniques, using standard or custom-made modular kits, designed with proprietary technology by UniGripper engineers.

The modular principle UniGripper standard gripper line is based on offers great flexibility in combining tools, vacuum sources and accessories for specific needs; as well as simplifying the replacement of consumable elements, such as the foams.

But UniGripper has many more benefits to offer – whenever considered more suited, other technologies are integrated into special solutions, such as pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuations.

For collaborative robotics, which requires compact and lightweight grippers, UniGripper offers an exclusive series of grippers called Co/Light.

UniGripper is a brand specialized in:

  • Standard vacuum module systems:
  • Standard Grippers
  • Customized Grippers
  • Specialized gripping systems
  • Vacuum generation
  • Accessories for robotic rrippers

Scope of action

  • Gripping and handling of parts and packages
  • Palletizing / depalletizing

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More info.: https://unigripper.com/en/index.html

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