Schmersal – Safety in Industry

Motivated by the vision of a safer working environment, Schmersal develops new devices and systems for all the situations of use one can imagine, concentrating in three business areas: safety technology, automation technology and lifting technology.

The leading position they maintain, is due to their know-how, innovation and a encompassing program of devices and systems, specially designed for the safety of Man and Machine.

Focused in offering a major contribution towards the organization of an environment of human labor where the machine takes on the heavy and monotonous work from Man, without placing them at risk or in danger, Schmersal stands as a partner in the creation of safe machines and installations.

Schmersal specializes in:

  • Optical and photoelectrical curtains
  • Actuators
  • Sensors and switches
  • Switches
  • Signal processing models
Scope of action
  • Secure switching and collecting
  • Secure signal processing
  • Switching devices
  • Automation Technology
  • DL 50 Directive
  • Man-Machine Protection

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