SMC - Leading Experts in Pneumatics

Everything you can imagine in terms of pneumatics for your production system, SMC has it. With 12.000 basic products and more than 700.000 variations, they offer air preparation solutions, instruments, valves and actuators that cover basically all the steps in the automation process in a broad range of industry.

The client’s satisfaction can only be reached through a clear understanding of its goals and objectives, that is why SMC listens carefully and replies quickly and specifically to your needs, supporting automation through the most advanced technologies.

SMC specializes in:

  • Activators
  • Direction control valves
  • Vacuum technologies
  • Temperature control solutions
  • Fluid control equipments
  • ATEX products
  • Clean rooms solutions
  • Pneumatic tubes and accessories
Scope of action
  • Pneumatic automation
  • Air quality control

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