About Europneumaq 


Founded in 2001, EUROPNEUMAQ - Equipamentos Pneumáticos e Hidráulicos Lda. is today a young company, that has already accumulated great experience and applies a great amount of dynamism into fulfilling their perfectly established objectives. 

Our team, which is constantly expanding, demonstrates above average skills and stands out precisely through the entrepreneur spirit, versatility and energy of our team members. 

We work with the primordial purpose of providing to our clients the specific industrial accessories they need, in areas such as: workstations, lean manufacturing, assembly lines, aluminum structures, pneumatic, quality control. 

Our motto is what best defines our essence: “the dedication with which we perform our job everyday allows us to always find the best solution, because impossible means nothing”.

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«To provide our customers with efficient, reliable and high-quality products, solutions and services through a highly motivated team.»

Our Mission


«In a world where technology increasingly touches every aspect of our everyday lives, we aim to be a leading provider of productivity-driven solutions and products.»

Our Vision

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