Industrial Fastening Solutions

The more demanding industrial assembly lines demand high standards of quality and a solid performance in order to satisfy the production levels required from them.
The clamping process, as well as the different types of tools have a decisive influence in the quality of the process and as a consequence, in the result itself.

Exceptional binary precision, ergonomic design, variety of solutions and complementary software adapted to each process individually, are the main characteristics of the Desoutter tools. The ideal choice for tasks included in an assembly line which require an excellent performance level.

Screw driving with angle and torque control
The fundamental reason for the use of the tool in clamping is to reduce the process time and avoid mistakes like badly clamped screws. Appropriate tools for the process with angle and torque control, electrical, with or without battery, are the ideal solution for anyone trying to increase productivity and lower the non conformity rate.

If the focus is placed on the torque, there are also the pneumatic screwdrivers that work within a wide range of binaries –from 0,5 to 6,5 Nm. Because time is the most important factor in the clamping system, the screws feeding system can also be an excellent complement to improve the worker’s performance.

Positioning systems
The clamping systems with positioning control guarantee that the sequence in which each clamping must be done is assured. By integrating encoders in the reaction articulated arms or pantographs, as well as balancers, allows the definition of an order for the clamping based on the analysis of the screwdriver’s location, thus obtaining a reduction of the human error and a guarantee that the clamping is done in the proper order, which increases the productivity.

Atex pneumatic motors
With a range of power between 160W and 2900W and with no lubricating and stainless versions, the pneumatic Desoutter motors are the ideal solution for several applications performed in different equipments, like for instance, material manipulating machinery, packaging, strapping and printing, petrochemical and agricultural, food processing machinery and several other customized and series machinery.
Most of the equipments has ATEX certification for potentially explosive environments.

We specialize in:

  • Electrical tools
  • Battery operated tools
  • Pneumatic clamping tools
  • Pneumatic Engines
  • Pneumatic sanders
  • Reacting arms
  • Screws dispensers
  • Drilling and clamping units
Scope of action
  • Automobile Industry
  • Aeronautics Industry
  • Materials removal
  • Calibration Systems

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