Industrial Safety Solutions

People are the most important asset in an organization and their safety, as well as the safety of the equipments they operate, is crucial to be competitive.

Developing systems that assure maximum safety in the work place and automating the more complex procedures is what drives us and training our clients to follow the most demanding standards and regulations is what sets us apart.

Man-machine safety
We propose to protect the most sensitive areas of your plant with the most advanced safety-oriented switching devices, for monitoring the position of protection doors and non-contact protection systems, such as position switches or safety switches and without contact. From the standard solutions, capable of responding to all possible scenarios that could be a risk to your processes, to special devices for demanding areas such as EX environments, we have a wide range of products and a team of safety technicians able to help you avoid accidents at work and heavy fines.

From standard solutions able to respond to all possible scenarios that may constitute a risk for your processes to special devices to more demanding areas such as EX environments.

Perimeter Protection
Physical barriers in the form of fences are still probably the most used means to ensure the safety of people and equipment. In standard or fully customizable measures, always in compliance with current safety standards, the perimeter protections are mainly made up of nets and posts, fixed by innovative accessories that make these structures flexible and easy to implement.

In the automation technology area, you will find switching devices that allow the collection of the mechanical position in different areas of application as well as sensors with different activity principles; furthermore, a wide scope command devices program as well as systems which are based in centralized and non centralized microprocessors. As an example, a modular concept for the command of safety functions in smaller machines.

Our company specializes in:

  • Optical and photoelectrical curtains
  • Actuators
  • Sensors and switches
  • Switches
  • Signal processing models
Scope of action
  • Secure switching and collecting
  • Secure signal processing
  • Switching devices
  • Automation Technology
  • DL 50 Directive
  • Man-Machine Protection

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