Industrial Automation Solutions

Customized cylinders according to your requirements and electro-valves with different characteristics that fulfill several different purposes are only an example of the flexibility that characterizes our solutions. The objective is to save time, space and reduce the installation costs without compromising the reliability and performance of the installation

Do you want to remove the static electricity in a simple, safe and effective manner? We offer ionization solutions to reduce the maintenance costs, inactivity time, rejection rate and to insure a safe environment for your machines and workers.

Compressed air treatment
Protect your equipments and increase their efficiency and durability, even in the most aggressive industrial environments.

We commit to effectively remove water, oil and other contaminants you’re your compressed air circuit. The final result is clean, fresh and dry air, ideal for your pneumatic system.

Vacuum systems
The true challenge for the vacuum applications goes beyond creating the vacuum and its suction cups. Inertia, velocity and ideal force are also needs that have to be guaranteed.

Idealize your own vacuum solution and leave to us the validation and the selection process for the most appropriate technologies, from the valves, regulators and actuators.

Electrical Activation
If velocity, strength and positioning control are fundamental to your production process and you don’t have compressed air, then the electrical activators are the best option. High levels of precision and repeatability, clean and silent functioning, easy to configure and to operate as well as reduced infrastructure and energy costs, are some of the advantages of these equipments against the pneumatics.

Our company specializes in:

  • Activators
  • Direction control valves
  • Vacuum technologies
  • Temperature control solutions
  • Fluid control equipments
  • ATEX products
  • Clean rooms solutions
  • Pneumatic tubes and accessories
Scope of action
  • Pneumatic automation
  • Air quality control

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