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Probably, the largest range of collaborative robots on the market. Meet Doosan collaborative robots. Experience their delicate and refined performance, just a touch away…

  • Super Safe – Safer Robot Operation with Super Safety System
  • Super Easy – Quick, Easy Robot Teaching with Intuitive Interface
  • Super Flexible – Make Robot Operation More Flexible with Excellent Options from Doosan Robotics

Three series of robots to solve any requirement of collaborative robotics, however demanding they may be:

  • M-Series – Masterpiece
  • A-Series – Almighty
  • H-Series – High-Power

Doosan Cobots have world-class performances, substantiated by working radius between 900 and 1,700 mm, payload capacities of 6 to 25 kg and sensitive collision detection sensors that guarantee the safety of workers nearby.

They have torque sensors integrated into the six joints, providing the best collision sensitivity in the industry and performing sophisticated tasks that in the past required the dexterity of human hands.

In recognition of its excellent user experience (UX) and sophisticated and superior product design, Doosan cobots have also received the Red Dot Design Award two years in a row — in the “Interface & User Experience” category in 2017 and the “Product Design” category in 2018.

Doosan Robotics is firmly committed to establishing a leadership position in the market through its continuous R&D efforts, at the forefront of industry growth.

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