Linear Technology

We propose a comprehensive turnkey solution at the automation level from linear technology comprising linear units ready to install, drive elements, slides and accessories. As each project has very specific requirements, we put at your disposal a wide range of different Linear Units, all based on the same principle: carefully coordinated solutions that can be configured to meet your needs, giving you complete freedom to develop a customized system .


Electric Actuators

Quality standards in the industry are increasingly close to a policy of zero defects and achieving such strict results is no longer exclusively an inspection and disposal of non-compliant parts. It is necessary to obtain feedback in real time and to adjust immediately the parameters evaluated.

To facilitate the task of inspection and testing at high speed, we suggest electric actuators that integrate three independent control modes: force, speed and position, while measuring the accuracy and precision of force and position.


Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots are secure, easy to deploy, never tire out, and inexpensive enough to be accessible to businesses of all sizes. With rapid return on investment, cobots are the current preferred solution of manufacturers looking to increase productivity and quality.

The biggest advantage of Sawyer, the cobot marketed by Europneumaq, is its flexibility and adaptation to different jobs thanks to the clickSmart family accessory kit that allows you to customize your robot in a matter of minutes.


Karakuri:Low-Cost Automation

Karakuri systems or purely mechanical low-cost automation systems are ideal for safe handling of loads within the factory. The best part is that they are inexpensive as they use only the force of gravity and do not need automation, do not require maintenance and are easy to implement.